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Uniformed Security Guards will likely discourage bad people from committing crimes

Uniformed security guards play a critical role in deterring criminal activity and enhancing safety.

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The police and law enforcement agencies in the United States are constantly seeking ways to reduce crime rates. In most states, there are more private security guards than there are officers of the police force. According to Forbes, in 2017, there were 660,000 police officers and 1.1 million private security officers.

There is a limit to how much police departments can do, mainly because of the lack of time, resources, and personnel. It isn’t practically possible for the police to go onto every private property to ensure its safety and security. This makes private security services the most efficient and cost-effective way to prevent crimes in a specific area.

Uniform security guards are highly effective in deterring criminal activity by discouraging bad guys from committing them. Criminals often like to check out the security of a place before committing a crime. Security guards in appropriate uniforms are more likely to dissuade them from attempting an illegal act than having non-uniformed guards or not having any security presence.

A uniformed security guard, armed or unarmed, increases the potential risk for the offenders. If their targeted location has a uniformed private security guard on patrol, there are chances that the thief or vandal will consider moving to another location. Private security guards have a direct connection with the local police and emergency services, and criminals are aware of this. All these factors deter the crime because wrongdoers with a financial motive want to avoid confrontation with the officer and the possibility of arrest at all costs.

Cost-effective security solution

For businesses big or small, increasing security concerns and the need for private security services cannot be discounted. Securing workplaces, warehouses, office buildings, or construction sites with the help of a reputed private security company proves beneficial and financially viable for the business in the long run. Most insurance companies, particularly fire insurance, provide discounted insurance rates for businesses that have private security guards employed on site. So private security guards not only deter criminal activity, but their presence can also save an organization money.

Monitoring and Inspection

Besides deterring potential criminals, a private security guard keeps a close tab on the activity and visitors in the business premises. A security officer provides round the clock surveillance, checks visitor and employee IDs, controls access, and patrols the grounds. These proactive security measures serve as a visual deterrent. They indicate that the site is duly protected by dedicated security officers.

Security officers on duty can also identify and handle suspicious situations before they lead to criminal activity, such as reporting odd behaviour, breaking up loitering groups, performing access control, and random patrol visits in the area.

Unarmed Uniformed Security Guards can also Deter Crime.

Deterrence is not usually a function of whether the security guard is armed or unarmed. The uniformed presence and security badge are enough to scare wrongdoers. In usual situations, armed security personnel use the firearm only for self-defence.


Uniformed Private Security Guards are an efficient and cost-friendly way of protecting your organization’s assets. A professional security officers’ presence provides peace of mind to employees, customers, and visitors to your property. They are assured that the premises are safe and the security officer will take care of any emergencies. Of course, nice uniforms don’t take the place of well-trained guards, but matching the uniform with high skill, experience, and proactiveness will surely make the security more effective.

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