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Bike patrol as a security solution offers unmatched visibility and mobility. An officer on a bicycle can keep a better eye on the neighbourhood and have increased contact with people. Bicycle patrol officers often know residents and community members by name and are aware of their concerns beforehand. This helps them to be proactive in fighting crime and avoiding unwanted situations.

Bike patrol also offers high mobility. The officers can move quickly through crowded and high traffic situations where a patrol car would have limited mobility. At the same time, this gives the officers access to places that are not easily accessible to patrol cars. An officer on a bike is quieter and more likely to go unnoticed by offenders. Bike patrols are great for securing office buildings, facilities, apartment blocks, retail centres, parking lots etc.

Our bike patrol officers have the same qualification and accreditation as other security staff and perform the same security duties. They are physically strong and can easily ride more than 20-30 miles per day. They can be armed or unarmed as per the clients’ needs.

Benefits of bike patrol over traditional patrol vehicles

  • Increased mobility
    Bike patrols have more flexibility because of the bicycle’s compact size. Bike patrols can navigate a crowded neighbourhood swiftly and avoid obstacles that a traditional patrol vehicle may not. Areas such as car-free zones, construction sites, limited-access events can be navigated more easily on a bike. Compared to stationary guards, bike patrol officers can cover more distance in less time and respond to an emergency faster.
  • Criminals are less likely to notice bike patrols.
    Offenders and criminals often do not look out for bike patrol officers. This gives the security personnel the opportunity to detect crimes and respond proactively before the criminals can recognize them. There are many instances of bike patrol officers encountering crime as it occurs.
  • Increased access and community contact
    Bike patrol officers are mostly on the ground and can hear, see, and even smell the location of possible crimes in the area. Bike patrol officers can be in close contact with people and learn firsthand about their issues and experiences. This helps them form a positive connection with the people over time.