Due to its great year-round climate, and a lively arts and music culture, Boca Raton attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year from all across the country. In fact, it has become one of the fastest growing cities in Florida despite having limited vacant land.

While it may be great for the local economy, it also presents an increased number of security challenges for businesses and property owners. The number of armed robberies and auto theft are rising in the city, making it important to have some sort of security system in place.

Bryant Security Corporation is a leading provider of unarmed and armed security guard services in Boca Raton. Our office is located in North Miami Beach, but we work with clients based all across South Florida.

We have over 35 years of experience in the security industry, making us one of the oldest and most established security solutions in Florida. We offer a wide range of services, including:

Executive protection

  • Executive protection
  • Security for events and conferences
  • Security for gated communities, residential complexes, and commercial properties
  • Investigative services
  • Security consulting
  • Vehicle patrolling

Our command center operates 24×7 throughout the year, even on holidays. We employ professionals who are former military and law enforcement, making them the best at what they do. Whether you are looking for short-term, permanent, rapid-response, or project-oriented security solutions, Bryant Security can help.

From event or strike security to assistance in emergency situations (like a natural disaster), our security experts are trained and skilled to handle anything that threatens you or your property. We work with individuals, corporations, organizations, and associations, and can develop a customized plan based on your budget and needs.

Why Hire Security Guard Services in Boca Raton 

Known as the wealthiest cities in the US, Boca Raton hosts a myriad of art festivals, music concerts, food festivals, sports events, and business conferences throughout the year.

If you’re planning an event which involves a large number of people, it’s important to plan the security ahead of time. The likelihood of theft, property damage, shoplifting, and vandalism is insanely high during these events, so make sure you are working with experienced and resourceful security professionals.

Our security guard services in Boca Raton are committed to providing you maximum protection whether you are a business owner, property manager, CEO, or a celebrity.

But what truly makes Bryant Security experts different is our accountability. In addition to being certified and highly-trained, our security officers are held to the highest standards of accountability. Thanks to modern GPS tracking, we can tell where our security guards are at all times.

We also use a secure check-in system that allows us to keep an eye on patrol routines and schedules, and ensure they are being completed effectively. We continuously work to upgrade our training, systems and techniques to deliver the most efficient and advanced security services. Where necessary we make the maximum use of technology to provide superior security solutions.

We Have the Best Trained Security Personnel in the Industry

Bryant Security provides only high-level training to our security guards, which includes interactive scenarios, presentations, tests, and training videos. We don’t just hire anyone – we make sure that everyone we hire is capable to handle the physical and mental challenges that come with working in the security industry.

Our unarmed and armed security guards are trained in report writing, observation skills, patrol procedure, and chain-of-command. All of our experts receive training in customer service, uniform policies, and hygiene as well. We know how important your property, your business, and/or your employees are to you, so our security guards behave accordingly.

Hire Top Security Guard Services in Boca Raton 

Do you want to hire security for an important event? Are you afraid that your construction site or business premises might be vulnerable to theft or vandalism? Or perhaps you are receiving threats from a disgruntled person who intends to harm you physically?

Whatever your situation, Bryant Security can help you stay safe and clear of any troubles. Let our experience and skills keep your business and employees safe from any harm. Your business is your livelihood; don’t leave it vulnerable to criminal elements or those who wish to sabotage you.

To learn more about what we can do for you or to book a security consultation, call us at 305-614-8171 or leave us a message online.