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With 35 years of extensive industry experience, we at Bryant Security pride ourselves in protecting communities, businesses, properties and people in South Florida.

Quality Policy

Make a difference in the lives of Our Customers, Employees and Community.

Bryant Security is a Miami-based independent security company committed to offering the best security services to its clients. We bring years of experience, innovation, knowledge, and expertise to everything we do. Established in 1985, Bryant is an industry leader in a wide array of protective and investigative services, delivered with professionalism and dedication.

At Bryant, we pride ourselves in offering a complete range of Security Management Services for public and private sector domains, including corporate, retail, construction, and event security. Our mission is to provide unmatchable protection and reliable customer service at the most affordable prices.

Bryant Security’s policy is to provide its customers with the highest quality security services delivered on-time and in a flawless manner. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and to offer the best possible security solutions.

Our Quality Policy document outlines the procedures, practices, and compliances that need to be followed for managing and continually improving our quality of service. The implementation of the quality policy is mandatory for all our employees. This ensures that the staff understands and meets client, statutory and regulatory requirements.

Bryant Security Company security guard wearing yellow raincoat outside in the rain

Our Objectives

Our Quality Policy is the foundation of Bryant Security.

  • Quality

    To ensure our services meet the highest standards achievable within the security industry.

  • Innovation

    To innovate and regularly enhance our services with the changing business requirements.

  • Training

    To ensure our staff receives expert training required for the job.

Our quality policy is reviewed regularly to ensure it stays effective and in-line with our commitment to providing the best and most reliable security services in South Florida.

Bryant Security

To keep our team motivated, we offer competitive compensation, training, and an annual recognition program for our employees. Besides, we ensure ongoing interactions between our team and our clients through regular site inspections, employee reviews, client surveys, and compliance audits.

Bryant Security Company security guard wearing yellow raincoat outside in the rain