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Uniformed security guard from Bryant Security Company

Uniformed Unarmed Security in Miami at Bryant are the perfect choice for many of your security needs as not all places require armed protection and security. Situations like large private gatherings, parties, sporting events, entertainment venues, fundraisers etc., usually only need an unarmed security guard to deter criminal activity and ensure the safety of the people and premises.
Our unarmed security guards watch any suspicious movements like trespassing, criminal activity, or inappropriate behaviour. Their strong, intimidating presence keeps unwanted acts at bay. Our guards proactively patrol your property to ensure safety and security.
At Bryant, our unarmed guards receive the same level of training as other guards. They also receive special training about your property and event before arriving for duty. We always use the latest modern technology to ensure you receive the best security protection.
Our Uniformed Unarmed Security in Miami officers regularly patrol the area on foot or a vehicle and respond to all alarms and incidents. They ensure that all incidents are addressed, and emergencies are immediately responded to through constant communication with their on-duty supervisor.

Bryant security’s specialized Uniformed Unarmed Security in Miami primary responsibilities during a regular security patrol schedule include access control, crowd management, and surveillance. Allowing complete discretion in deciding who enters the market or case is the first step toward risk management.

Unarmed security guard duties include:

  • Quick response to emergencies and notifying proper authorities.
  • Securing facilities, doors, and gates.
  • Enforcing parking regulation on private property.
  • Patrolling on foot, bicycle, golf cart or patrol vehicle wearing an authorized identifiable security guard uniform.
  • Conduct security sweeps using handheld lights to illuminate dark areas where intruders may hide.

When the time comes, Bryant Security is ready to react accordingly. Our security staff is familiar with the necessary contacts to contact and the emergency procedures to follow in order to manage the crisis as quickly and smoothly as possible while minimizing damage.

Bryant security’s Uniformed Unarmed Security in Miami has over 35+ years of experience in the industry, providing bespoke customer service.

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