Bryant Security officers and guards are trained to control access points and patrol properties on foot and from vehicles. Our team is dedicated to providing everything you can remotely need in terms of security services.

We are a security company South Florida with over 35 years of collective experience. Our focus is on combining quality risk management planning with traditional security services. We go beyond staffing residential and commercial properties with armed or unarmed security officers. At Bryant Security Corporation, we believe in offering the services that you need the most.

We address your concerns as unique and make sure that we implement the most secure and efficient security program to meet all your requirements. These are a few key benefits of choosing Bryant Security Corporation:

  •       State-licensed and insured
  •       Quick response
  •       Law enforcement and military experience
  •       Real-time access to reports
  •       Armed and unarmed security officers
  •       Trained security guards and officers

Bryant Security – Discretion at its Best

Our principals deserve to have a good time with friends and loved ones free from fear of attack by would-be bad actors. At Bryant Security Corporation, we train our guards and officers to provide discreet security services while maintaining the highest level of probity and professionalism. Our employees always keep the integrity of clients at the forefront.

Bryant Security applicants have to undergo rigorous training, examination and evaluation. All our security officers are trained to verbally deescalate situations.

The Bryant Security guarantee is supported by our focus on clients, their requirements, screening, and interviewing process. We also take care to maintain a positive working culture for our employees and to regularly train them on the latest advancements.

Solution for All Your Security Concerns  

Bryant Security team is a leading security company offering patrol, unarmed/armed guards in West Palm Beach. We strive to offer the best to all our customers. You can rely on us if you are looking for a leading security guard company in South Florida.

We offer a host of services for your protection. Our innovative security suite includes the following:

  •       Long-term Security Officers
  •       Armed Security Guards
  •       Workplace Violence Guards
  •       Unarmed Guards
  •       Commercial Security
  •       Construction Site Security
  •       Fire Watch Services
  •       Mobile Patrols
  •       Event Security
  •       Trade Show Security
  •       Residential Security

The security officers and guards at Bryant Security Corporation are former military, law enforcement and private security veterans. They already have respectable field experience, which just gets better with our impeccable training. You can feel confident in the knowledge that all our security guards and officers receive regular training to keep up with industry standards.

Round-the-Clock Dispatch Service You Can Depend On

The team at Bryant Security is available ‘round-the-clock to take care of emergencies. You may always hope for the best and prepare for the worst, but emergencies have a funny way of happening when you least expect them. This can be in the form of mob riots, fires, flooding, hurricanes, or other spontaneous threats.

You can make sure your business stays on track without a glitch by working with Bryant Security. The team is trained to handle emergencies and is available when you most need them. This is why the dispatch service operates every day 24/7.

There are several key factors that make our existing clients recommend us over and over again. Integrity is an essential pillar of any security service. At Bryant Security, we promote a healthy environment of truthfulness and integrity. This is done by implementing the strictest hiring processes, thorough training, and dedicated supervision and monitoring.

Hire a West Palm Beach Security Company That Delivers

The Bryant Security team is reliable with a reputation that precedes us. We believe in actions more than words. We help our clients stay protected by anticipating security threats before they happen. Give us a call at 305-614-3856 if you want patrol services in West Palm Beach that you can count on. You can also leave us a message using our online contact form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.